Skip-Tracing & Data Acquisition

Contacting Your Consumer is the First Step to Collecting a Debt

AMCOLLECT verifies your consumer’s address with the U.S. Postal Services’ Change of Address Database. If the consumer has provided a change of address, our letter is automatically rerouted to that new address by our vendor and the new address information is loaded into our system. If the consumer does not have a valid address and/or phone number, we will attempt to locate them using five of the nation’s leading skip-tracing databanks. When a consumer is located through our skip-tracing efforts, AMCOLLECT has the potential to better our collection rate above and beyond our competition.

We submit consumer data to the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Accounts are scored within a week of being loaded into our system which also may provide a possible SSN if we don’t have one and additional phone numbers that may result in contact with the consumer. If necessary, we can have a full credit report pulled and imported into our system for use by our team.

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