AMCOLLECT Can Handle Your Special Project or Assist Your Back Office

AMCOLLECT also provides pre-collect services. Pre-Collect services provide our client with the ability to place accounts earlier in the recovery cycle. AMCOLLECT agrees to send a set number of letters and/or make a set number of phone calls on your behalf for a reduced fee. Our letters and phone messages can route your patients/consumers back to your office or we can handle the calls on your behalf.

We can process payments on your behalf or have the responsible parties arrange payment directly with your office.

The pre-collect service offers our clients the best of both worlds:

  1. Accounts are presented sooner in the recovery process and are collected on a flat fee basis.
  2. If during the pre-collect cycle the debt remains unpaid it automatically rolls into the standard collection process at an agreed upon time.

We believe that the combination of pre-collect and standard recovery processes offers the most cost-effective collection service available. There is another rather transparent benefit that allows for more timely submission of accounts resulting in added recoveries at a lower averaged cost. It also allows your staff to concentrate on current accounts eliminating unnecessary charge-offs.


Accounts Receivable Management Training and Consulting

As a part of your A/R team, we’re here to help. AMCOLLECT offers the following training and consulting services:

  • Basic in-house collection training to enhance the effectiveness of the A/R staff
  • Review of your current credit policies with an emphasis on securing full payment as soon as possible through critical follow-up scheduling.
  • Review of your current Patient Information Form to assure that you are asking all the correct financially related questions and protecting yourself from unneeded recovery costs and loss of time.

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