AmCollect® is quick to assess new technology and implement those enhancements regularly.


Our state of the art call center utilizes a sophisticated and analytical software package known as RMEx (Receivable Management Expert) which operates on an IBM Power 8 server. RMEx is an Expert System which utilizes Artificial Intelligence thus providing us with extreme flexibility and total control. It also provides us with an increased level of automation in order to meet the needs of an ever changing debt collection industry and client expectations. It is designed to help control account flow, comply with Federal and State regulations, ensure that client requirements are met and those company policies are followed. This software allows us to implement rules that are to be followed by the collection agent and those rules cannot be overwritten. It also allows us to maintain state and local compliance policies.

The RMEx software is coupled with a fully integrated iTel dialer to maximize collector contact with consumers. This dialer will abandon fewer calls than a regular stand-alone dialer thereby increasing contacts and reducing potential complaint calls. It will not dial more calls than there are available agents to handle them. Like RMEx, it allows us a lot of flexibility and control that cannot be overwritten at the staff level. Calls can also be controlled/routed to specific agents. Federal and State Regulations are also met. All calls are recorded for quality assurance, compliance and training purposes.

In order to enhance collector productivity and modernize their “experience” on the system, a stand-alone GUI interface rounds out our infrastructure. The RMEx collection software and ITEL dialer, designed and fully supported by the Quantrax Corporation, is probably the most sophisticated product combination available to our industry. Like most dialers, iTel can determine the difference between a live voice and a recording, passing the live calls to our agents and relying on its IVR technology to leave an automated message for the consumer. This increases the chances of coming in direct contact with the consumer which improves collection rates.

We understand that the most vital component in any collection and recovery effort is the human element. Our objective is to provide collectors and managers with the tools they need to make their collection efforts as effective as possible.