Client Reviews

Dear Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to meet with us today. I think the information you provided helped the others understand your process and reinforced the idea that, no matter what the problem, all patients should be directed or redirected to the agency. I feel that you have served us well and hope you will be our agency for years to come!

Large Orthopedic Practice

Tomorrow you will receive two overnight packages via DHL with paperwork for a total of $74K worth of accounts to work. These are all May, 2006 or more recent, so they should be very workable. Also, don’t get confused, I had to split up the paperwork into two batches since it wouldn’t all fit in one envelope, and by a coincidence both totals are $37K and change, but they are two separate batches. Thanks again and it’s a pleasure dealing with your company.
Kevin McCullough

Controller, JK III, Inc

We have sent accounts to American Collections Enterprise Inc. since September of 1998. As our top performer, their collection results continue to exceed other agencies we’ve used. Ginny and Angela in the Client Services Department are positive, extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. The Client Services Department goes out of its way to make sure our accounts are managed completely and that our payments and reports arrive on time. Overall, working with American Collections Enterprise Inc. has been an excellent experience.

Griffith Energy Services Inc. - Mid-Atlantic Headquarters

American Collections Enterprise Inc. has been great to work with. They’ve been handling our accounts since 1996 and consistently outperform other agencies, so we don’t work with anyone else. Working with Mike Sutherland has been very nice, his agency goes beyond the call of duty to get to the bottom figure and you feel like it’s a real team effort. The customer service is good too. We have no problem picking up the phone and talking to someone about our accounts and they respond quickly to our concerns. I highly recommend American Collections Enterprise Inc.; they are a top notch company – no pressure with a hometown feeling.

SMAA, Maryland

We’ve been working with American Collections Enterprise Inc. since 2003. They are a professional and flexible company. Sometimes we submit accounts that need to be closed shortly after, and they have been understanding and flexible with that issue. We like the reporting mechanism, all the monthly reports are consistent and easy to understand. I’ve worked with other agencies whose reports have been hard to read. My staff never complains about working with their Client Services team. I keep track of their monthly performance and the last time I checked, we received approximately 30% of our money back. That recovery rate was consistent for all of 2005. Even the fee structures are good. One thing I really like is that they stay current with all the laws and they’re meticulous in adhering to regulations. We don’t have any problems with American Collections Enterprise and we don’t have a desire to change – it’s a good relationship.
M. Crossan

Administrator, Private Medical Practice, Virginia

American Collections Enterprise has collected our past due accounts since they acquired USCC. We’re very happy with their recovery rate compared to other agencies. They are very detail oriented and diligent in gathering data before they take action on an account. We experience an immediate turn around on our requests and they handle everything very professionally. We recommend their agency to other businesses.

MLS – Baltimore

I don’t have the man power to run a collection agency. American Collections Enterprise Inc. has been handling our accounts on a daily basis since 1995. We’ve used other agencies in the past including law offices for collections, and there is no comparison. We have our own Client Services Representative; she is familiar with our specific business and talks to my team on a daily basis. She understands our rate program and works with our clients to explain their bill and get the account back in good standing. When we turn the account over, we’re done with it. I don’t want the call back. I had another company solicit me, and I turned them away because they just didn’t understand my business. American Collections Enterprise is flexible and knowledgeable – they help to decrease my expenses.

Rental & Leasing Services, Maryland

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