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Why waste your limited bandwidth chasing delinquent accounts when we can take care of them for you? Our service is risk-free and if we are not successful collecting the debt you will not be charged a penny.

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lead to Results.

AMCOLLECT® has been collecting debts for the medical, retail, commercial, banking, and utility sectors since 1993. We know what it takes to achieve the results you expect from your dedicated collection agency and we get the job done. If you don’t know already know how it’s done, take a look and see what we can do for your business.

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What our clients say

AMCOLLECT™ is our top performer, their collection results continue to exceed other agencies we’ve used. The Client Services Department goes out of its way to make sure our accounts are managed completely and that our payments and reports arrive on time. Overall, working with American Collections Enterprise Inc. has been an excellent experience.

Griffith Energy Services Inc. Mid-Atlantic Headquarters

American Collections Enterprise Inc. has been great to work with. They’ve been handling our accounts since 1996 and consistently outperform other agencies, so we don’t work with anyone else.I highly recommend American Collections Enterprise Inc.; they are a top notch company – no pressure with a hometown feeling.

SMAA Maryland

We’ve been working with American Collections Enterprise Inc. since 2003. I keep track of their monthly performance and the last time I checked, we received approximately 30% of our money back. We don’t have any problems with American Collections Enterprise and we don’t have a desire to change – it’s a good relationship.

M. Crossan Administrator - Private Medical Practice, Virginia

We’re very happy with their recovery rate compared to other agencies. They are very detail oriented and diligent in gathering data before they take action on an account. We experience an immediate turn around on our requests and they handle everything very professionally. We recommend their agency to other businesses.

MLS Baltimore

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