We Work Your Account Until it's Resolved

When you place an account, it's processed within 24 hours and we begin collecting within three business days. A member from AMCOLLECT's Upper Management will assign a custom collection strategy and a Recovery Specialist to your account. To ensure your account is handled professionally, AMCOLLECT's Recovery Specialists are required to pass the ACA International Credit and Collection Professionals' Fair Debt Collection Practices Act test with a minimum score of 95%. In addition to FDCPA compliance, all AMCOLLECT employees train with ACA's Professional Telephone Collection Techniques (PTCT) and the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act. (HIPAA)

One of the many internal measures utilized to assure the quality and performance of our services is by constantly analyzing our collection results both internally and on a client provided basis. We also continuously communicate with our clients as to the quality and responsiveness of our client services and administrative staff.

Performance benchmarking is done by comparing our competitive standing against other collection agencies in the performance results that are provided to us each month by our clients and compared against your placement and recovery reports. We are also in constant communication with our clients for feedback as to the technology and processes employed by other agencies and the future of AmCollect technology.

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